Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

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Here is MiataSources first service job! This is Daves 1999 that came with the dreadful automatic transmission. Dave requested a full OEM manual conversion and a few upgrades as well. 

On this job we decided to remove the engine and transmission together, the reason we did this was one we planned to reseal the oil pan which requires removing the engine. 

Once the engine/transmission was removed we were ready to start the conversion. The Miata chassis is universal, meaning there is no difference between the auto and manual cars. So this allowed the manual transmission to bolt up to the engine as well as the shifter turret to be perfectly aligned. 

To completely connect the drivetrain the Power Plant Frame, as well as the driveshaft from the manual car, was required. At this point mechanically everything was connected. Next, we had to remove the dash to swap out the pedals, install the clutch pedal, ECU, remove the auto trans computer some wiring. The wiring necessary was to jump the tach signal to the gauges. As well as wire in the clutch safety switch for the cruise. 

Next step was to finish some the wiring under the car. These items were removing the connector for the auto transmission and sourcing the wires for the neutral safety and splicing them into the neutral safety sensor on the 5-speed. Also, source the reverse lights to the appropriate sensor. 

Now that everything was completed mechanically and electronically it was time to test it out. The car started right away with no problems or check engine lights. The tachometer worked great right away as well. Reverse lights turned on as well as neutral safety switch was active. Next thing was to break in the clutch and send this largely improved Miata to its owner.  


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  • Feel free to email us at for an estimate. Price varies with which year your Miata is as well what type of parts you would like us to install.


    MiataSource on
  • what’s a job like this cost?

    Curtis on
  • Glad you guys got rid of that horrid automatic trans. Hope Dave is enjoying his 5 speeder!

    Robert Elizondo on

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