MiataSource offers full-service work on all Miatas. Service work can include anything from parts replacement, maintenance, aftermarket installs, etc. Anything you need done, we can do! MiataSource offers expertise work at a competitive price. 

Here are some examples of some work we do but is not limited. 

Common Services:
Timing Belt/Water Pump
Clutch Replacement
Fluid Changes
    Other Services:
    Softtop Replacement
    Engine Swaps
    Brake Upgrades
      Aftermarket Installs:
      Standalone ECU 
      Turbo Kit 


         MiataSource also offers complete detailing services. Both for Exterior and Interior detailing:

        Complete Paint Correction

        Paint Decontamination
        Gloss Enhancer
        Clear Coat Sealer

          Complete Interior Detail

          Carpet Vacuum & Shampoo
          Panel Cleaning & Dressing
          Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
          Glass Cleaning
          Softtop Conditioning


            Before Paint Correction:

            After Single Compound Pass:

            Below is my Dad's 1999 NB after a full paint correction, glossier, sealant, and wax. This section of the car was heavily oxidized and top coat scratched. 

            For anyone that is interested in service work, please contact us for a specific quote. Please let us know your Miata's year and desired service work. We will then send you a quote within 24 hours. Towing is available as well.

            Contact Information: