Our History

Started out as needing a transmission for my turbo build. 3rd gear was grinding pretty bad and could not find a used transmission. I ended up picking up a whole car for the transmission and few NB interior parts for my NA.
Instead of junking the car as-is I decided to part it out off craigslist. Immediately there was a sudden demand for these convertible parts in the middle of winter! It was surprising how fast I ended up selling off the whole car. At that point, I needed more parts and decided to pick up another crashed car. After getting what I needed I decided to try the part out again and sure enough even more interest. As I caught on I decided to search for crashed, lost title or undriveable Miata’s. I kept the trend up of doing about 1 parts car every 2-3 months. This lead to a fairly large inventory.
In the first year, we did about 5 parts cars. All consistently selling parts throughout the year through local and online transactions. This is when I was starting to grow a brand for myself as, “Zach’s Miata Parts” growing the business over time while attending college full-time.
After about 2 years of selling parts on the side. I decided to go at it full-time. This gave us the opportunity to do about 1 parts car a month with help in dismantling. This is when I decided to change the name to, “MiataSource”.
To give a better and more professional presence to the business. Parts were a great branch for the business. But after working on these cars for myself I decided to start offering service in early 2018. We were immediately given tons of opportunities to install our parts on our customer's cars. Becoming a full service and parts source for Miatas. Below is our first service customer an automatic to manual conversion.
After doing this out of my moms basement and garage for about 3 years it was time to find a better faculty. We ended up finding a beautiful property in Princeton, MN about 20 minutes north of our Elk River location which had a pole barn on site and some acerage. But there was a lot of work to be done...
We had a lot of work ahead of ourselves this shop is perfect but far from being a working shop for MiataSource. We looked at this shop as an open canvas to create the dream Miata shop. Here is some before and after.
Finally a couple years into our new shop we are blessed to have so many great customers that we build lasting relationships. We are also proud to be working with some of the best Miata vendors such as Flyin Miata, Moss Miata and more. We will continue growing our product range, service offerings and knowledge base for these great cars.

Zach Visker