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Here is my Dad's 1999 NB1. It only has 80k miles and is his second Miata. It is mechanically in perfect shape but needed some work in the aesthetic department. Overall it is in great shape, with the expected chips and scratches of any 20-year-old car. Wanting to protect and keep the car in great shape long term was the goal. 

Miata Paint Correction

When doing a full paint correction/detail it is important to focus on the primary steps to removing any containments that will make the detail process worse if not removed. So right away we use IRON-X, which is a spray that removes iron particles that are embedded in the paint.

After that, we wash IRON-X off and use TAR-X, which is a spray that softens tar and bugs to easily remove them. Again wash them as well. Now we are ready to move on to the next step. 

Now its time to use the clay bar to remove any containment in the paint. We use ONR as a lubricant for our clay.

Kneading the clay about every panel to keep a fresh surface. After it has been clayed its time to dry it off and start the paint correction process. We use a Chicago Electric Dual Action Polisher with some modifications. 

Before correcting we tape off the rubber seals and plastic trim to protect it from the compound from staining them. Here are some before shots of the paint before correction. This shot below shows a good representation of how badly the scratching is as the light bleeds into the scratches. 

So now that we know what we are working with its time to start the detailing process. We are using Meguiars Compound with a lightweight cut pad.

Using a dual action sander with about 2-3 passes on the heavily scratched areas and 1-2 passes on the lighter scratched areas. Here it came apparent that the hood and front fenders were repainted in a single stage as our pads become pitch black.

*(99-05 Miata's came with a two-stage paint meaning there are paint and then clear coat on top. SIngle stage is clear and paint as one part.)*

Here is what we see after the compound passes:

Next, we use Meguiars Polish with a polish pad.

This is 2-3 passes on the heavily scratched areas and 1-2 on the lighter. Here we really start to see the paint transform. Once wiped down here is what the paint looked like:

We did all we can to correct the paint now its time to enhance it and protect it. Next, we use a glosser this is applied and left on for 15 minutes and removed which helps enhance the gloss and depth of the paint. 

After that, we use Meguiars Synthetic Sealer which protects the clear and fills in any imperfections in the paint. Again applied for 15 minutes and then removed. 

Then the last step we apply Carnauba wax which is then left on for 20 minutes and then removed. 

Lots of procedures but the results are what is exciting. Here is an angle of the rear quarter after the full paint correction process has been completed. This really gets to show you the depth of the paint especially black paint. 

So after about 5 hours of detailing with Mike here is the outcome a fully color corrected and protected 1999 NB1. This car was in very rough shape prior and it really transformed it into a beautiful car that will be well protected. 

If you are interested in MiataSource detailing services please contact service@miata-source.com for a quote. 

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