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1999 was the beginning of the second generation, NB Miata. It featured a redesigned body and updated drivetrain. Just like the NA Miata, Mazda had no hesitation with offering special and limited editions for the NB. In 1999 Mazda celebrated 10 years since the Miata release, which brought us the 1999 10th Year Anniversary Miata. 

The 10AE(10 Year Anniversary) featured exclusive Sapphire Blue Mica exterior color with a full blue interior. Included a 6-speed manual transmission, 3.9 Torsen LSD, Bilstein Shocks, etc. This was limited to 3,000 units. 

Following in 2000 was the 2000 Special Edition which again is 1 of 3000 units that came in Mahogany Mica. It came with similar features including 6-speed, LSD, Nardi Wood Interior bits and much more. 

The reason I share these special editions is to show the rarity of these cars. 1 of 3,000 is a very rare source and would be proud to own one. That brings me to the car MiataSource has recently picked up. It never was considered a rare or limited edition. But the lack of order requests makes this car more limited than the limited edition Miatas. 

The car I speak of is actually Evolution Orange which was an optional color, available in 1999-2000 only 644 of these ever came to North America. This color is one that many didn't know even existed. I always knew this color existed but never saw one or had the chance to get one. I will share the story of how this 2000 Evolution Orange came to be.

I can proudly say I am the second owner of this near-perfect example of an Evolution Orange Miata. This car came from a couple from Savage, MN that purchased this Miata new from Brookdale Mazda. Rob and Cyndi ordered this Evolution Orange Miata from the factory which was an optional color at the time so there was about a 4-6 week wait time to receive your car. Rob told me he was unsure of the color, but Cyndi insisted. Until they saw it in person then they were convinced they made the right choice. I had a similar reaction until I saw this color in person especially when the sun hits the paint. 

With only 105k this car was mostly enjoyed in the summer months, being a Minnesota car means that really is only 6-7 months a year. Respectful driven only during those times left this Miata 100% rust-free. Many of the interior plastics bits were changed out by Rob as I was told Cyndi drove top-down as often as possible. Which is the only way to drive a Miata in my opinion.

The paint's quality is in outstanding condition. Rob mentioned he very often had to go to Cyndi's work to pick up the Miata to do basic maintenance and give it a wash as she would never let him have it during her free time. As this would also be his only chance to drive the car.

Rob and Cyndi left the car in stock form with very few modifications which really is an underappreciated form of the Miata. Very early in their ownership they changed out the steering wheel to a Nardi wheel from the 01 Special Edition. Which compliments the tan leather interior very well. The interior is in great shape and was very well taken care of. 

The heartbreaking story of this car began in the early 2010s when Cyndi was diagnosed with cancer. Rob told me that she fought for about 7 years and was very tough from the beginning. She continued to enjoy the car and drive it. Then, unfortunately, the car overheated and the head gasket began to leak. A mechanic incorrectly fixed the gasket and began to give problems again shortly after. During this time Cyndi was becoming more ill and Rob's time was spent caring for her. The Miata sat in the garage waiting to be repaired but they had no time. 

Sadly in the summer of 2019, Cyndi had passed away from her long battle against cancer. I was told she loved driving her Miata. Besides her love for the Miata, she had a very amazing collection of agates and other minerals which I got to view. She also was a talented mosaic artist and got to see a few of her pieces. Thank you Rob for sharing all this with me. 

I came in contact with Rob who listed this Miata on craigslist. Lexi and I went to go look at this Miata on a Sunday night. We talked with Rob for about an hour and came in agreement on the purchase. I went to pick it up on Monday with my Dad.  Rob shared some more special moments about the Miata and his wife, Cyndi. 

Before loading the Miata, Rob asked me for a special request which was to pick out one of Cyndi's agates to put in the glovebox of the Miata. That was a very special moment because this really proves that cars are not just machines they are part of our life and why I have so much respect for these cars.

This purchase was a very personal and touching situation. This was more than buying just a Miata it was also taking in a story. I never before got to experience a story from the original owners. This was a very one of a kind experience and will never forget it. 

I feel honored to be able to continue the story of this Miata and extend the story of Rob and Cyndi's memory. I feel I have a great responsibility to keep this car in amazing condition. So since Lexi and I are engaged I have expectations that she MUST drive a Miata. Her favorite color is orange and recently for winter driving we got her a 2003 FX45 naturally in her favorite color. 

So it would only appropriate for her to have an orange summer car. So we have agreed that this will be reserved for Lexi to enjoy during the summer. We are excited to begin this Miata project as she wants to be involved with this build. So as we work on it we will bring updates on this project. Here are our goals. 

Our plan is to make this a fun, reliable summer daily for Lexi to enjoy. This will likely be our road trip car that we can take across the country. It won't have extensive modifications but will have a few aesthetic pleasing modifications as well as some performance modifications to make it more enjoyable to drive. We want to have this car 100% ready for summer driving so it won't be long until its back on the road. Stay updated for part 2. 

I want to give a huge thanks and appreciation to Rob for letting me share this touching story and letting Lexi and I purchase Cyndi's Miata. I can't imagine how hard it was to see it go, but rest assured that her Miata will be in the best of hands, cared for and enjoyed for a very long time.

Thank you, Cyndi, for convincing Rob to pick this amazing color and enjoying the car for what it was. Your spirit will live on with this car through our adventures with it and looking forward to our life with the Miata.

Rest in peace Cyndi. 


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  • Thank you for sharing this amazing emotional but uplifting story. I too Is dealing with the C beast and have to sell my 2000 Evo Orange Miata. This story is very touching and I to hope to find great owners. 💕

    Claudette Poupart on
  • Zack, thanks for sharing a touching story. I’m sure Cyndi is smiling.

    Aubrey on
  • I remember you telling us about your experience when you purchased this car. Your written story above captures what this vehicle meant to it’s original owners Rob and Cindi. Rob’s request that you pick one of Cindi’s agates and put it in the glove compartment so that a small piece of Cindi’s life will travel in the Miata brought tears to my eyes. You are a special caring young man Zach. We are very proud of you Grandson. Lee Visker

    Lee Visker on
  • What a heart warming story Zach! You and Lexi showed me this car and I could tell from the looks on your faces how happy you are to own it. Relating the story of the original owners made it even more special. We could only imagine how you probably fell for Miata’s when you were a little tyke and would sit in our white Miata and pretend you were driving! Carry-on with your Miata’s for a lifetime!
    Love, Nana and Papa

    Judith Visker on
  • I don’t get home to Minnesota often, and a fond memory is when my brother took me for a ride on my birthday in this car. This car is as beautiful as Cyndi was…….bless you and yours !!!

    Kathie DeLauder on

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