SERVICE: Differential Housing Brace LABOR

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Strengthen your differential carrier/housing with our brace kit service. The Miata differential housings are designed with a relief point on the right mounting ear to break to avoid additional damage to the drivetrain. These breakages are mostly designed for accidents but are known to break during hard launches as well as bump drafting during door-to-door racing. Spec Miata approved for the passenger ear to be braced. 

MiataSource designs and cuts these brace plates in housing to brace the Miata 1.8 differential housing. With this service, we offer for you to send your differential housing in and we will weld our plates to your housing. Welding service is available for both sides if needed but the right side is the problematic side. Service includes the brace plates. 

Additional services are available to give you the most complete differential housing rebuild we can offer.  We offer new axle seals to replace your leaking ones. As well as new housing hardware to replace when reinstalling the housing. Additional parts will be installed at the time of service unless noted otherwise.


***If purchased, customer is responsible for shipping the housing to MiataSource. Contact us for the shipping address. Please make sure parts are packaged properly and insure the package. MiataSource will offer return shipping. Lead time is 5 business days from the time of arrival to MiataSource. Welding service is for intact housings only, please contact us for housing repairs. ***